Want To OWN YOUR Golf Game ... But Don't Know How??? Are You Time Starved???

Want to lower your score by eliminating your golf mistakes? Want to have more time for golf by reducing the time you waste on all those golf mistakes?

This program is for the golfer with extra strokes in your game that keep you from having fun with golf, getting new business, making NEW connections and holding you back. You will improve your game in a very short time ... no more excuses ... no more embarrassing yourself on the tee, fairway, bunker or greens! This program is not for those golfers who are not concerned about how they play, the score they shoot or how much time it takes to play!
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Want To OWN YOUR Golf Game ... But Don't Know How???  Are You Time Starved???

Meet Martha Sue Yeary, 2019 Top LPGA Teaching Pro of the Year - Elected by I.A.O.T.P.

"The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf" ... Because She Changed the Way We Play The Game!

Created by LPGA Teaching Professional Martha Sue Yeary, Empowered Golfers' Formula to OWN YOUR GAME ~ OWN YOUR LIFE is the world's leading Formula & System to show you how to create more fun while playing golf by eliminating the confusion that makes you want to QUIT, the fear from a lack of self-confidence and the frustration of not staying focused long enough to have any consistency in your game!
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Meet Martha Sue Yeary, 2019 Top LPGA Teaching Pro of the Year - Elected by I.A.O.T.P.
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Golf Dreams Can Come True

Martha Sue with LPGA Legend Nancy Lopez

Own YOUR Game & YOUR Life! Your Decision!

Start Your Empowered Golfers' Journey Now!

My Golf Journey was HARD; yours doesn't have to be! Now I want to show you how you can do the same thing and easily make consistent changes and improvements in YOUR existing game! The Choice is YOURS! Now here's the great deal! You can hit 1,000 to 1,500 balls each day ... spend almost 8 hours / day practicing at the range OR you can commit to follow the very simple, duplicatable and proven Empowered Golfers Formula & System to create a game you can be proud to expose to your business clients, family and friends! You Can “Own YOUR Game ~ Own YOUR Life!”
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Is YOUR golf game a "Business Income Magnet" or a "Business Income Repellent?"

How many strokes have you been able to drop in the last 90 days? Those strokes kept you from Successfully developing new business from this market of 32.1 Million Golfers just in the United States Alone! The National Golf Foundation's 2018 Report shows of this group of golfers, 76% are male and ONLY 24% ARE FEMALE!!!

Is YOUR golf game a

Do you have a Golf Strategic Plan like you have a Business Strategic Plan?

Did you know that if your brain doesn't know where it's going ... it won't recognize what you are looking for when you get there?

  • What's a new client worth to you? If you don't get the business ... YOUR golfing competitor might!

  • If you are a female business professional ... HOW CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO PLAY GOLF???

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being high and 1 being low ... how excited would you be if your business could increase by 25% to 50% just because you invested in yourself to improve your golf game?

  • What if the GAME you are creating could be the solution to your 6-Figure Income Problem?

Could YOUR Golf Game Use a New All-Star Approach?

If YOU Answered YES to ANY of These Questions ... This Course Can Help YOU!

  • Do you dread being invited to the golf course by your boss, colleagues, clients and friends?

  • Do you wear a Tee-Shirt that says "I love Golf" ... yet your golf score embarrasses you? Ironic isn't it? We want more ... but we have to be willing to change something to get different results! If you had "Golf-Confidence" would you play more golf?

  • Do you want to be more consistent with your shots resulting in a whole new level of confidence you might feel in front of the people with whom you fear playing golf? That is called "Golf-Confidence?" Perhaps that is something you never thought about having!

  • What the heck is "Golf-Confidence?" That my golfing friends is a level of assurance you build when you know how to hit your golf ball where you want it to go! Did you know that if you don't look up to see where your ball is going ... you have a better chance of it landing near your target! If you look up ... IT WON'T!

  • Do you face some of these challenges with golf? Do you feel you are inconsistent with your shots; you lack confidence in your shots; and you feel frustrated about the results in your current game??? In order to get different results you have to be willing to make some changes in your current golf actions.

  • Golf is confusing, time consuming, expensive & frustrating! Many golfers give up and QUIT before they improve! Did you ever feel like you wanted to just QUIT?

How Did Martha Sue become "The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf?"

"When I first discovered Martha Sue's 'simple and easy to learn' approach to teaching golf (a sport that revels in complexity), I realized exactly how disruptive her program was to the establishment. It was then and there that I told her that she was 'The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf!'"

  • Adam J. Kovitz, Founder & CEO, KESocial


By The End of This Course YOU Will:


  • Identify and overcome the golf & life challenges that you dealt with in your past

  • Create "Golf-Confidence" and eliminate insecurity

  • Leave the "hard stuff" up to the engineers who designed the clubs in the first place and just begin swinging the club and having fun.

  • Become an Unconscious Competent Golfer and TRUST your repeated results.

  • You will have a golf game that YOU will be proud to show to the world - allowing YOU to claim YOUR fair share of this business opportunity, networking ... of course ... with other golfing executives.

  • Understand that the game you are creating is the solution to your 6-figure income problem!

In this Course You Will Get Access to Your Golf Professional:

  • Weekly Live Webinars for 90 days – 19 Holes of Recorded lessons. Includes access to the recording of the presentations in case you missed a live training session or want to review the material (Video and audio format) - Value $4,400

  • All Presentations in PDF format for your resources – 19 Holes of Lessons - Value $2,500

  • Weekly Lesson Plan to follow in practicing and then scan and submit to site for Pro - Value $3,300

  • Weekly Lesson Plan Video explaining how to do each lesson in practicing - Value $4,400

  • Followed by 15-minute review of lessons by Pro and 15 min 1:1 coaching call about your results - Value $2,200

  • B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro Instruction Manual & 4-Hours of DVD Instruction in Library - Value $250.00

  • Day-1 (Benchmark Round); Day-30, Day-60 and Day-90 Rounds of golf submitted to Pro as homework for that week with Scorecard MARKED ON EACH HOLE FOR Measurement of Success. Lesson Review of Card and scoring and then discussed in the 1:1 coaching call on your Results. This part lets you see your results and builds “Golf-Confidence” even more because you are accomplishing something you never dreamed possible – a real golf game! - Value $600

  • Golf Swing analysis (4X) – you will record your swing and upload to Pro who will analyze and save the analyzed recording for future viewing. Day-1, Day-30, Day-60 and Day-90 Recordings and analysis of swing changes - Value $600.00

  • Life time access to Empowered Golfers’ Formula support group and recordings - $1,800 Value

Get Access Now ~ $1,997 ~ 1-Payment Option

Or you can choose the 2-payment Option of $1,198 Each (1 payment at enrollment and 1 on day 30)

YOU Can Eliminate 1/3 of YOUR Golf Mistakes in 90-Days ~ Guaranteed!


YOU Can Eliminate 1/3 of YOUR Golf Mistakes in 90-Days ~ Guaranteed!
  • Attend ALL Webinars, or confirm content

  • Participate in YOUR weekly 1:1 15-minute coaching calls

  • Complete all golf practice assignments in your Progress Reports

  • Submit all reports as requested ...

  • AND ... IF ... YOU have not eliminated at least 30% of YOUR GOLF MISTAKES found during YOUR ORIGINAL BENCHMARK ROUND, you will qualify for our money-back guarantee. The amount of refund is determined by YOU, up to 90% with a 10% Admin Fee.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    LOCKER ROOM - What's Needed Before You Get Started?
    • Your Accountability - Progress Report Forms - Record Keeping. You’re about to put on your Practice Hat and gear up for your NEW GOLF RESULTS!
    • Student Profile Chart ~ Course Lesson Checklist
  • 2
    • Time to Change Your Game! Are you Ready?
    • 1st Hole - Your Golf Vision Board - Your BENCHMARK ROUND & Where You Are Today
    • 1st Hole Progress Report Assignment - Benchmark Round - WHERE YOU ARE TODAY! Your 1st Checkpoint of Accountability!
    • 1st Hole - Measure Your Results While Practicing & Playing ... How to Keep Your Own SCORECARD
    • 2nd Hole - What's Your Driving Force to Make a Change in Your Golf Habits?
    • 3rd Hole - Scoring & Your Emotions
  • 3
    12 Week Course Launch: 90 Days to a New Golf Game and a New You
    • 4th Hole - What's Your Happy Word?
    • 5th Hole - Introduction & Expectations ~ Explanation of Four Phases of Understanding ~ What’s Different About This System?
    • 6th Hole – Creating Your New Golf Game
    • 6th Hole - Progress Report Assignment - Ankle Shots/Knee Shots with Short Irons - Pitching Wedge Thru 7-Iron
    • 7th Hole - Visualization Drills ~ 5-Ball Drill
    • 7th Hole - Progress Report Assignment - Ankle Shots/Knee Shots with 6-Iron to 3-Iron
    • 8th Hole - Establishing YOUR Distances
    • 8th Hole - Progress Report Assignment – Pitching Wedge Thru 7-Iron - Ankle, Knee & HIP SHOT - DROP & PULL - 4-Ball PUTTING Drills
    • 9th Hole - Day-30 Round of Golf - Your Second Checkpoint of Accountability
    • 9th Hole Progress Report Assignment ~ Day-30 Round - Your 2nd Checkpoint of Accountability!
    • 10th Hole - Shift in Frustration
    • 10th Hole - Progress Report Assignment – 6-Iron thru 3-Iron - Practice 3’ & 7’ Arm Drill - Listening for Target Sounds - Drop & Pull Drills - Ankle /Knee/Hip Shot Drills - 4-Ball Putting Drills
    • 11th Hole - Course Management Plan
    • 11th Hole Progress Report Assignment - Short Irons - Pitching Wedge thru 7-Iron ~ Drop & Pull SHOULDER SHOTS * 25-Yd Chip THEN 4-Ball Putting Drills From Spot Each Chip Lands
    • 12th Hole - Managing YOUR Trucks & Obstacles
    • 12th Hole - Progress Report Assignment - 6-Iron thru 3-Iron - Chip & Putt-4-Ball ~ Under Tree Shots 25 Yards - Drop & Pull Drills ~ Range – Hip & Shoulder Shots
    • 13th Hole – Drop & Pull - Gravity Always Wins
    • 13th Hole - Progress Report Assignment - Short Irons PW-7-Iron - Chip & Putt 50Yds - Under Tree Shots 50Yds - Drop & Pull FULL SHOTS – Hip, Shoulder and Full Shots - Water Shot Distances
    • 14th-Hole – Day-60 Round of Golf - Measuring & Managing YOUR Game - Your Third Checkpoint of Accountability
    • 14th Hole Progress Report Assignment ~ Day-60 Round Your 3rd Checkpoint of Accountability!
    • 15th Hole - Threading the Needle - New Application of Distance & Direction - Belly Button Alignment - Beaches (Bunkers)
    • 15th Hole - Progress Report Assignment - Long Irons – Chip & Putt 5-ft Moving YOUR Truck - Belly Button Alignment - Threading the Needle (Trees) - Beaches(Bunkers) ~ Range: Hip-Shoulder-Full
    • 16th Hole - Pre-Shot Routine - Belly Button Alignment - Move YOUR Truck - Distance & Direction - Woods
    • 16th Hole - Progress Report Assignment - Pre-Shot Routine - Belly Button Alignment - Fairway Bunkers - Woods - Putting
    • 17th Hole - Let’s Play Golf & Practice Shots Needed
    • 17th Hole Progress Report Assignment - Let’s Play Golf & Practice Shots Needed 3-Par ~ 4-Par ~ 5-Par ~ Putting
    • 18th Hole – Day-90 Round of Golf ~ Measuring & Managing & Mastering YOUR Game - Your Fourth Checkpoint of Accountability
    • 18th Hole Progress Report Assignment ~ Day-90 Round ~ Your 4th Checkpoint of Accountability!

"Own YOUR Game ~ Own YOUR Life!"

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