• Martha Sue Yeary

    Founder & President B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro, Inc.

    Martha Sue Yeary

    Martha Sue Yeary has been an LPGA Golf Professional since 1989. She has been tagged "The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf" because she is changing the way we play the game! As one of the first Golf Professionals to create an online golf school, Martha Sue created a way for people to learn to play golf that was simple, convenient & easy to use!

Martha Sue is committed to turning "I CAN'T into I CAN" with ALL of her students!

Your B.I.O.N.I.C Golf Pro is dedicated to inspiring "Golf-Confidence" through eliminating fear!

  • Martha Sue is an author, motivational speaker and LPGA Teaching Professional who created a System that teaches her students to transform their negative results into positive changes in their golf games and in their lives. Students become Empowered Golfers as they learn and apply "New Actions and develop Powerful New Results!"

  • While learning and implementing the Empowered Golfers' Formula & System, students learn they can use golf as a business networking event by eliminating their golf mistakes, reducing their scores, increasing positive golf visibility with clients and potential clients and erasing the fear of embarrassment they experienced in their past golf lives!

  • Martha Sue helps students create a golf game they will be proud to share with the world. As Empowered Golfers, they are enabled to tap into the 32.1 million golfers in the US alone! Someone is getting that business ... and she teaches her students how to claim their fair share with "Golf-Confidence!"

How Did Martha Sue Become "The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf?"

Described by many as the “white Al Roker,” Adam J. Kovitz is the Founder and CEO of #KESocial

When I first discovered Martha Sue's "simple and easy to learn" approach to teaching golf (a sport that revels in complexity), I realized exactly how disruptive her program was to the establishment. It was then and there that I told her that she was "The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf!"

Described by many as the “white Al Roker,” Adam J. Kovitz is the Founder and CEO of #KESocial

Raving Reviews From Our Students

"I learned to play and fell in love with the game!"

Dawn VanAmberg, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I'm a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, business owner and a former worm burner once a year family reunion golfer that is until I took a golf school across the country from Coach Martha Sue and I learned to play and fell in love with the game. This course opened up the opportunity for me to not only play well with my cousins at the family reunion, but it has given my husband and I the opportunity to do a sport together instead of me just driving the cart while he and our friends played together. We've also been able to use this to our advantage for business and this is something I never expected by an online course. The benefits I have received from Martha Sue Yeary and her Course have been amazing; I never dreamed that I could improve as much as I have all because I received the basics from a Pro who was willing to teach someone like me half way across the country. Thanks to this course I now enjoy golf and my husband and I have the opportunity to spend time together doing something we both love! If you are serious about learning to play better golf and create a way to meet new people for your business, I recommend you get started today. Thank you Coach Martha Sue!

I have taught at 4 universities and I have never seen anyone teach an online class with the physical activity of golf, and Martha Sue handles it splendidly.

Steve Dendrinos, Tradewinds Radio Network

I was amazed when Martha Sue was able to teach such an affective and effective golf class online. Yes, I actually meant to say both! While this course is proven to be very effectual with its students achieving great results with their games, the mental and emotional coaching lead to extremely positive changes and results as well. It was amazing and I learned so much in her class! I learned techniques and tools that I use in the classroom online and in person! I even use her Happy Word technique to help my students overcome speech anxiety before giving speeches at the University. When I took Martha Sue’s Virtual Class, it helped me lower my golf score in some cases by as much as 10 strokes. Martha Sue’s golf classes helped me to stay focused and have golf-confidence when teeing off in front of a line of carts with so many eyes staring at me. I taught my little sons the game using her techniques and they really improved! I still use Martha Sue’s techniques to stay focused and positive for any physical activities including golf!
I have taught at 4 universities and I have never seen anyone teach an online class with the physical activity of golf, and Martha Sue handles it splendidly.


Ed Weil Reyes - Executive who had never played golf before

The best news of all is that yesterday I went out to play on a 3-par course right near my home. I was amazed at how well I did! The first three holes I made in five strokes each. The fifth, however, took me 11! My "chip shots" with the "P" iron kept rolling past the green. Then my putting was "not up to par" as they say. Then I lost a ball in the water for a two-shot penalty, then another sunk out of site in mud for another two-shot penalty. By the end of the front nine, I had a 59 -- even counting the 11 on the fifth hole!!! "ATTA-BOY!!!" After nine, I decided to continue. On the tenth, a foursome asked that I play before them. So I had to do my stuff in front of four experienced golfers. I was a little nervous, but I drove off the tee to within about 10 yards of the green. I chipped on to the green, then two putted. My first Bogie! I was so excited!!! Believe it or not I Can Golf! By the way, I did all this stuff with my clubs I bought at Goodwill for $1.99 each and my bag for $4.99. The driving range is only $6.50 for 45 balls or $11 for 90 balls, and my 18 holes only cost $25.00. So it's even not as expensive as I always thought it would be. I did a splurge on some golf shoes, but they were on special for $39, normally $99. I looked good!! "Atta-boy!!!" Hope to see you next month in Florida. I hope to be golfing at a course in Orlando somewhere. Ed Weil Reyes ~ "Atta-boy!!!"

Bill Terasa, PGA Member

I am a member of the PGA since 1973 and a Quarter Century Club member. Great PGA and LPGA teachers have influenced me throughout my career. I have 50,000 ways to say it. Now I have 30 more. And those 30 have changed my life in a very positive way.

My introduction to B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf was as a host club for Martha Sue's training at Neumann Golf Course in Cincinnati in 2002 during her 2002 B.I.O.N.I.C. GOLF Cross-Country Tour. On the tee line was a man with a visual impairment, a woman that had never touched a club before and the host professional that had played one of the top five clubs in Ohio that Monday (it was not a good experience for the pro). After about ten minutes the golf professional had an "a-ha moment." The next day brought a man with both legs amputated below the knee and a man with MS. It was an eye opening and life-changing week. I saw a vision of growth in a personally rewarding direction. After working with Martha Sue at Neumann, my golf-confidence improved. First of all, shortly after she left, I became the 2003 Greater Cincinnati PGA Senior Champion. Secondly, my students had the advantage of one turned-on teaching professional. And thirdly, my golf community got to experience my growth as I helped those challenged by physical and/or emotional disabilities. In 2003, I became the PGA Advisor and liaison between the Board and the PGA Sections and members with a goal to help PGA Sections and members reach an understanding of how this program and training can help their clients and communities. I was honored to have the role of third party credibility to B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf and Martha Sue's unique visualizations and philosophies. Bill Terasa, PGA Member
Bill Terasa, PGA Member